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Stage 1: Statements regarding Refugees

Stage 1 aims at stimulating an individual reflection on attitudes towards refugees and immigration policies based on notional statements.


Go carefully trough the statements and choose a few that are most suitable and helpful for the participants in the group.

Prepare a “barometer” by placing a long duct-tape on the floor, and mark “agree” on one end of it and “disagree” on the other.

Ask the students to stand on the barometer, according to the extent they agree or disagree with each statement.

Take a picture of the participants’ positions on the barometer for each statement (in order to compare it with the participants’ opinions of the same statements in stage 3).

Discuss with the participants why they chose to position themselves on those particular spots on the barometer.

Alternative method

Print the evaluation handout and give it to each participant.

Ask the participants to mark to what extent they agree or disagree with each statement.

Ask the students to share their opinions, and discuss them.

Ask the participants to keep their sheets until the end of the program.


Download-Addition: statements evaluation handout

Notional Statements on Refugees

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