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Stage 2: Role-Play of the Evian Conference

By reenacting the setting and central narratives of the international conference on refugees in Evian in 1938 stage 2 aims at providing historical knowledge and further reflecting the four core questions:


Briefly explain the event of the Evian Conference. Use the information on Evian. [5min]

Divide the group into up to six teams. Each team gets a handout with an outline of arguments made by a country that participated at the Evian conference – USA, UK, Peru, Argentine and the Dominican Republic. Each group studies the arguments and creates a short speech. Additionally, there is a group of at least two journalists that sums up the conference including further information on positions of Jewish organizations and Nazi Germany. [20 min]

Let to groups deliver their speeches and briefly sum up the arguments by categories together with the participants, such as [10 min]:

Ask the groups to expose their “hidden agendas” – the interests of their countries (mentioned in the handouts) that were not made public in their speeches. [15 min]

Explain that the conference hardly achieved any practical results. [5 min]

Background Information

Working Groups


Dominican Rep.


United States of America

United Kingdom of Great Britain


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