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Stage 3: Presenting a message

In the last phase of this educational unit, participants are asked to work in small groups again and formulate and convey a message they consider important in regard to the topic of flight and seeking refuge.


Discussing with their peers what kind of message they wish to convey and designing the poster is in itself a learning process. Whereas the hidden agenda of this module is to create empathy and sensitivity towards refugees (in the past as well as in the present), it is possible (and legitimate) that not all participants will want to convey a messages of solidarity and social responsibility. At the same time, the presentation of the posters at the end of this stage allows a discussion on the different arguments  (cultural, social and economical ones) concerning individuals and societies when dealing with such questions.

The participants can either address the world of the 1930s or ours. In order to convey this message they will create a poster, a collage or a journal’s front page. They can use a text (either from the materials they previously read or one formulated by themselves), a drawing or photos. They will be provided with newspapers (collected and brought by the facilitator) as well as pens etc.

Further questions for a summary discussion

What might be the differences and similarities between the situation of the 1930’s and the past years? This question can be further explored in the Kindertransport module, which deals with the structural differences between the past and the present situation.

How can we develop a moral and emotional obligation to solve a problem that we have not created, yet which eventually might directly influence our daily lives?

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